4 Dangerous Honey Combinations as per Ayurveda

Not every combination can be considered healthy for consumption…

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Dangerous Honey Combinations

According to Ayurveda, honey is the strongest Yogavahi, or a catalyst that holds the properties of the Ayurvedic medicines that are applied to it. But this powerful substance can also be harmful if it is combined with the wrong ingredients. Ayurvedic experts believe in caution when mixing honey with certain food products, as not every combination can be considered healthy for consumption. We mention risky honey combinations that should be avoided at all cost. There are 4 dangerous honey combinations, those are

Chekout This Youtube Video about Dangerous Honey Combinations:

  1. Non-vegetarian Food

Do Not Mixing honey with non-vegetarian food It has become popular practise these days to add honey to non-vegetarian preparations, particularly during the preparation of roast glazing. According to Ayurvedic sources, honey and meat products are incompatible with Ayurvedic values, and mixing these ingredients with conflicting qualities can cause health problems.

2. Ghee

Do Not mix ghee and honey in equal quantities According to Ayurvedic experts, the rule of thumb is to avoid combining honey and ghee in equal amounts. Honey and ghee are not known to be the perfect combination. In many food recipes, such as honey-oat cookies or muffins, clarified butter is frequently used along with honey, which may have adverse effects on one’s wellbeing. And the Ayurvedic experts cautioned against this potentially deadly mixture of ghee and honey. But it’s ok to combine the unequal ratio of two.

3. Boiling Hot Water

Boiling Hot Water Do not drink honey with boiling hot water Honey is also used as a sweetener in teas and other flavoured drinks. According to Ayurvedic scholars, another strict no-no when it comes to the use of honey is mixing it in boiling hot water or drinks. Although raw honey is considered to be nectar, cooked honey is toxic. Studies have shown that heating honey above 60 degrees Celsius induces a substantial increase in Hydroxymethy Furfuraldehyde (HMF) which can cause human toxicity.

4. Radish:

Radish Do not combine radish and honey According to Ayurvedic texts, the combination of radish and honey can lead to the formation of toxic compounds. Ayurvedic experts caution against this risky combination.

Next time you roast a honey dressing salad, make sure you don’t add radish to it. So, do not mix honey with Non-vegetarian Food, Ghee, Radish and Boiling Hot Water and stay healthy.

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